APIA Vote – 2012 Republican National Convention

by Carol Lim, Aug. 28, 2012

Tampa, Florida – The Obama and Romney presidential campaigns are paying more attention to Asian and Pacific Islander American voters in 2012, according to APIAVote.Org.  “I see 2012 as being a key moment for the APIA electorate.  Our population is growing at a pace in swing states such as Virginia, Florida and Nevada, where the races are so close that we have actually seen the Obama and Romney campaigns reaching out to the APIA population, ” said Christine Chen, APIAVote.Org’s Executive Director during the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The non-partisan, nonprofit group, the Asian American Federation of Florida, ATT and Comcast Cable hosted and sponsored the free, public reception and electoral meeting.  Both events were at the Sheraton East Hotel, outside of the downtown Tampa RNC security zones on Monday, the first day of the convention.

APIAVOTE.ORG also will have similar events at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina next week.

“The trend in the last 2-3 presidential elections tends to be more Democratic.  I think that’s because we’ve seen lot more Asian American elected officials coming out of the Democratic Party, but 31 percent of our Asian community tend to be independent voters.  Even in our national survey conducted in April 2012, 31 percent of Asian voters were also undecided at that point.  They also did not have enough information about Romney at the time,” said Chen.

“So it’s really about what the political parties and presidential candidates are willing to invest in reaching out to the Asian American electorate through voter registration, mailings, knocking on doors, phone banking and advertising in the ethnic press and news media,” said Chen.

Carol Lim is a volunteer weather watcher, WFLA-TV (NBC) in Tampa, Florida.  Lim also is a former SNN6 weekend anchor and former KBIM-TV news reporter.  She is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association.

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