Happy New Year! Happy Eating!

January 2013….a time to pay off Christmas and holiday bills, prepare income tax forms, lose weight, find a paying job in your career field and make money. One hopes the news about a fragile economic recovery are true in 2013.

Last year, we waded into the world of self-published cookbooks. A daunting and expensive project for newbie authors.  If you’re writing a cookbook without a publishing house to back you, it can cost $1,000 – $1,200 or more for a full color designed interior and the cover for a cookbook, 100 pages or more.  The tab goes higher when you include the cost of buying the groceries, cooking and testing the recipes.  A lot goes into a cookbook, written and photographed by anyone — a housewife, friends, food blogger, food journalist,  culinary student, famous chef, celebrity or restauranteur.

If you’re hungry for homestyle Chinese Dim Sum and food, our cookbook is Happy Eating!, a collection of favorite family recipes and Bible verses of encouragement.

Happy Eating! is available on amazon.com, bn.com and createspace.com as a paperback ($20) and E-book ($3.88Happy Eating Cover (cropped, resized)).

Our first year royalty check was $12.60.   Hopefully,  there will be a few more zeros in the revenue, income column on the next IRS tax form in 2013.   Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese and Lunar New Year, too! (in February)







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