Zimmerman Juror B-37

Zimmerman Juror B-37 – CNN highlights (N.S.)

Two days after the verdict and after demonstrations in cities across the nation, Juror B-37 in the George Zimmerman Trial came forward to explain why the jury of six women acquitted the Neighborhood Watch captain of the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. Many watched the rivetting interview on CNN Monday night. The interview on CNN continued Tuesday night.

Late Tuesday night, four jurors issued a statement on court stationary to distance themselves, according to CBS News, WFLA-TV and CNN.com.
“The opinions of Juror B-37 expressed in the Anderson Cooper Show were her own, and not in any way representative of jurors listed below,”
the statement said. It was signed by Jurors B-51, B-76, E-6 and E-40.

B-37 told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that half the jurors wanted to acquit Zimmerman; two felt he was guilty of manslaughter and one wanted to convict Zimmerman of second degree murder. During the 16 hours of deliberations, the women chose a foreperson and organized the evidence. B-37 said they reviewed everything and listened to the 911 calls and Zimmerman’s video account to Sanford Police over and over again. B-37 said the jurors also went over the complex instructions and laws, including Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground, to see what fit best for the verdict.

B-37 felt it was the final moments before the shooting that swayed jurors to the unanimous not-guilty verdict. She said during the fight, Zimmerman feared for his life when he shot Martin, who was unarmed.

B-37 also concluded Zimmerman and Martin were responsible for what happened. She said Zimmerman, who was carrying a gun, should have stayed in his truck and was the one screaming for help on the 911-call tapes because of the evidence. B-37 thought Martin was provoked to attack Zimmerman first.

As protests and rallies continue, civil rights groups plan nationwide vigils for Trayvon Martin on Saturday and demand changes to Stand Your Ground laws. The federal Department of Justice also is investigating. Musician Stevie Wonder also is boycotting Florida by not scheduling any concerts in the state.

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