Summer Bay Resort Sinkhole – Clermont, Florida

YouTube Video Title Correction: This resort is not a Disney Resort, but is located near Walt Disney World.

(Compiled from media outlets)

Lake County authorities and resort officials are concerned another section of the Summer Bay Resort may be sinking, too after a large sinkhole swallowed part of a villa this weekend. A 100 foot, 2-3 story deep sinkhole opened up around 3 a.m Monday at the resort while many guests were sleeping. No one was hurt. 105 guests and those in nearby buildings were evacuated and moved to other resorts. The Summer Bay Resort at 17805 U.S. 192 near US-27 North in Clermont, Florida is about 6 miles west of Walt Disney World.

Today resort officials are waiting to hear if there is damage to two other buildings. Summer Bay Resort President Paul Caldwell told the Associated Press there were no signs of a sinkhole developing before Sunday night. The resort built 15 years ago was geologically tested with results showing the ground was stable. The villa with 24 units, each 3 stories, is reported to be a total loss.

On Monday, Lake County Fire Resuce Battalion Chief Tony Cuellar said 30 percent of the three story villa collapsed. While many of the resort guests slept, a security guard knocked on doors to awaken them to get out. The guests in the collapsed section barely had to time to escape, many without their belongings. Resort guests say they heard windows popping and cracking noises as the building crumbled into the sinkhole.

On Aug. 25, Summer Bay Resort staff at the front gate say the sinkhole has stabilized.

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