Royal Baby Photo


Here’s one of two official family photos of Prince George with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine and their cocker spaniel, Lupo. Michael Middleton, who is Kate’s father, snapped this photo of the family in the garden of the Middleton home in Buckleberry, Berkshire in early August. Kensington Palace released 2 photos late Monday. Prince George was first seen publically with his parents as they left St. Mary’s Hospital in London on July 23rd, a day after he was born.

In an interview with Max Foster 2 days ago, Prince William talked about being a first-time father. “We were happy to show him off…It’s so nice people want to see George. I’m glad he wasn’t screaming his head off,” said Prince William about the public’s interest in George. Prince William said he practiced buckling in the car seat before the royal couple and George departed the hospital as the world watched.

“He’s a little bit of a rascal…reminds me of my brother or me, not sure which. He’s doing well. He wriggles..likes to have his nappy changed. He doesn’t want to sleep which is bit of a problem,” said Prince William.

The royal dad also has done diaper duty. “I did the first nappy,” Prince William said.

He added Catherine is doing well and praised his wife. “She’s done a fantastic job,” said Prince William.

The royal parents also are independent and “hands on.” “If I can do it myself, I want to do it myself,” said Prince William.

As a new father, priorities changed, too – George, Catherine and Lupo. Prince William said it’s been a a joyful, emotional experience.

Prince William also said he’s looking forward to getting more sleep and returning to work in September.

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