Bikers vs. SUV

Two more motorcyclists have been arrested and charged in the attack of an SUV driver on Manhattan’s West Side Highway on Sunday, Sept. 29th. Craig Wright, 29, has been charged with gang assault and unlawful imprisonment, law enforcement tell Videos of the group bike ride that turned violent have gone viral on YouTube. The video shows Wright beating banker Alexian Lien, 33, with his fists, feet and helmet after dragging Lien out of his Range Rover. Police also have arrested biker Reginald Chance. Chance is charged with first degree assault and gang assault. Video captured Chance smashing his helmet into Lien’s SUV.

At least 2 to 5 undercover, off-duty cops who participated in the New York bike ride are under investigation for not intervening, “Good Morning America” reported this past weekend. Some videos show the bikers dragging out and attacking Lien outside his Range Rover while his terrified wife watched. Two good Samaritans came to stop the bikers’s attack and shield Lien. Other videos show the bikers riding their motorcycles on sidewalks, doing wheelies, prompting 200 complaints to police.

New York City Police say Lien’s SUV hitting a motorcyclist triggered the chaotic road rage incident on the Manhattan highway. Lien was on a drive with his wife and 2-year-old daughter that Sunday afternoon. They were celebrating an anniversary. A group of up to 30 bikers surrounded Lien’s Range Rover. Helmet camera video shows when Christophen Cruz, 28, slowed down on his bike, Lien’s SUV bumped into him. After that, the video shows nearly everyone stopping and then Lien’s SUV running over three motorcyclists to escape. After the Range Rover sped away, a swarm of bikers chased it for 5 minutes until the SUV finally stopped. The video shows two or three bikers got off their motorcycles and began smashing the windows of the Range Rover before hauling out Lien from his SUV and attacking him. Police say the SUV’s tires also were slashed during the incident.

Cruz faces misdemeanor charges, including reckless driving. His attorney says Cruz is not guilty. Biker Edwin Mieses, who was critically injured, is paralyzed, his wife says.

In a statement, Lien’s wife thanked everyone who came to their rescue during the biker attack.

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