MRSA infects 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneer players

Local news media report a third Tampa Bay Buccaneer player has been diagnosed with MRSA, a dangerous bacterium. University of South Florida microbiologist Daniel Lim says the Staphylococcus Aureous bacteria is treated with antibiotics, but MRSA is highly resistant to many antibiotics. Lim says people who have open cuts or exposed wounds can become infected with MRSA, if they come in direct contact with people infected with the MRSA bacteria.

“With football being a contact sport, the bacteria have to penetrate your skin in some way for a person to be infected,” said Lim.

If he was Bucs Coach Greg Schiano, Lim said he would isolate actively infected MRSA Bucs players from others, and not let them play in this Sunday’s Bucs-Philadelphia Eagles game in Tampa or future team practices or games until they are no longer infectious and the MRSA bacterium is no longer on the infected player’s skin.

“As in cases of some other bacteria, there is no MRSA vaccine at this time,” Lim said.

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