Asian Cultural Expo at WDW

Orlando visitors got to explore the different cultures of Asia and see teams compete in the Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival at Village Lake at Downtown Disney’s West Side this weekend. On Saturday, the 4th Annual Asian Cultural Expo opened. The expo offered workshops, exhibits, performances and the crafts representing 7 Asian countries. Walgreens, Asia Trend Magazine and Orlando area businesses sponsored the events. Visitors could get free health screenings, photos and learn about Dragon Boats, Asian dances, Asian herbs and shop for Asian products, too. The annual cultural expo raises money for Asian performing arts and dance groups in the Orlando area.

“Everybody who loves dragon boats also understand how important they are – coming from China over a thousand years ago. We love to be a part of this and it’s really an honor,” said Shally Wong, Asia Trend Magazine’s founder, publisher and Asian Cultural Expo organizer.

“Great event. It gets better every year,” said Dennis Pustinger, a Walgreen’s Pharmacy Manager.

The expo and Snap Photo Booth also delighted Rosanna Tran and her daughter.

“It is fun. We can teach our kids our own heritage,” said Tran.

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One Response to Asian Cultural Expo at WDW

  1. David Henry says:

    Thanks for this news item. Let’s hope they will do a similar Asian culture expo in Tampa.

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