Halloween Safety Tips

If you’re trick-or-treating in a neighborhood, a community, church event or Fall Festival today, here are some safety reminders from the Tampa Police and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Local weather forecasters say temperatures will be warm in the low 80’s to upper 70’s tonight. Happy, safe treating!

1. Never trick-or-treat alone.
2. Always have a responsible adult escort children.
3. Always stay with your group.
4. Never enter a stranger’s home.
5. Never accept a ride without your parents’ permission.
6. Never take shortcuts through alleys and backyards.
7. Carry a flashlight.
8. Wear light-colored and fire-proof costumes.
9. Always look both directions before crossing the street.
10. Always keep pets inside your home on Halloween night.
11. Always use sidewalks, not the street.
12. Realistic-looking weapons should not be used as costume props.
13. Wigs and masks should not restrict vision.
14. Always inspect your candy.
15. Always approach homes that are well-lit.
16. Avoid homes with the lights out.
17. HCSO advises children to stay in their neighborhood and following familiar routes with a responsible adult or teenager accompanying children.
18. HCSO advises parents to closely inspect homemade treats. HCSO says if you’re handing out homemade treats to give them to children you know and add your name and address to each homemade treat. Toss out suspicious-looking treats.

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