Florida Governor’s Race

charlie cristNan RichRick Scott
(Left to Right) Charlie Crist, Nan Rich, Rick Scott

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a Democrat, announced today in St. Petersburg that he is running for his old job. His campaign website is http://www.charliecrist.com. where Crist’s paid political ad is posted. Crist was Florida’s 44th governor and served from 2007 -2011. After leaving the governor’s office, Crist became an independent and switched to the Democratic Party. His Democratic Primary opponent is Senator Nan Rich of Broward County. Rich served as a member of the Florida Senate from 2004 -2012 and was the Senate Minority Leader from 2010-2012. Rich’s campaign website is http://wwww.nanrich2014.com.

Crist and Rich are challenging incumbent Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican seeking a second term. Scott, who is unopposed, took office in 2011 and spent more than $75 million of his own money to win the office. Scott campaigned with his “Let’s Get Back To Work” ads and ran as a Tallahassee outsider. During his first term as governor, Florida’s economy has been slowly improving with more jobs and businesses coming to Florida. Scott’s campaign website is http://www.rickscottforflorida.com

On Monday, the Republican Party of Florida sent out “Stop Charlie Crist!” emails that attacked Crist and requested financial donations to the state GOP. The email said, “An empty chair governor, he abandoned Florida during tough economic times to go campaign for a U.S. Senate seat. He didn’t want small-time Tallahassee anymore. The bright lights of Washington, DC dazzled him far too much to stay. The Charlie Crist we know is a textbook opportunist. Is this the kind of man we can entrust with the future of our state? If your answer is no, then contribute to the Republican Party of Florida today and help us stop Charlie’s attempt to reclaim Florida’s governorship. Sincerely, Lenny Curry, Chairman.” The emails were political advertisements paid for by the Republican Party of Florida and not authorized by Scott or his committee.

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