Snow, Ice grip most of the U.S.

Icy Weather in Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas
Courtesy: Kathleen Lee

Most of the United States is shivering from ice, snow and freezing temperatures coast to coast due to an arctic blast of cold air. In Plano, Texas near Dallas-Fort Worth, melting ice on buildings fell and crushed cars below. “We haven’t gotten snow, but the temperature has gone below 32 degrees and sometimes cars ice over,” said Kathleen Lee, a University of Texas student in Austin. The low temperature Monday night was forecast to be 28 degrees in Austin, according to The Weather Channel.

Courtesy: Daniel Lim

In Fairfax, Virginia, snow remained on the ground Tuesday afternoon. Roads were cleared for travelers. Snow was beginning to melt at Dulles Airport. It was 19 degrees, but the wind chill made it feel like 13 degrees this morning. A second wintery storm also is moving across the country this week.

The warmest spot – Florida with sunshine and temperatures in the low 80’s, making it hard for tourists and residents to feel like it’s Christmas. Joggers, walkers and bikers are enjoying the sunny, mild weather at the shared-use pathway along the Courtney-Campbell Causeway. However, some gradual changes are on the way for the Tampa Bay area and beaches. “A weak cold front passes through the Tampa Bay area this evening. It will cool us down, but only slightly. Highs will still be in the upper 70’s through the end of the week when the front passes Sunday. That front brings a higher rain chance and a bigger cool down. The cooler air for early next week will only bring us back to seasonal temperatures,” said Leigh Spann, WFLA-TV meteorologist.

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