Happy Chinese & Lunar New Year!

Chinese New Year 2014 011
Dim Sum, Black Bean Garlic Chicken and the correct way to lay chopsticks when dining
Courtesy: T.C. Choi Asian Bistro

Chinese New Year Day is January 31st. For many Vietnamese, Koreans and other Asians, it’s also the Lunar New Year. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2014 is the Year of the Horse, which runs from Jan. 31, 2014 to Feb. 18, 2015. “Chinese New Year’s Day kicks off the Spring Festival Season. People sit at round tables of food and dim sum to symbolize a reunion of their family and friends,” said Sharon Choi, owner of T.C. Choi’s Asian Bistro in south Tampa. Choi also showed us how to leave chopsticks on your plate during an Asian or Chinese meal. “Don’t stab your food or stick chopsticks straight up, which brings bad luck,” Choi said. You’ll also see these popular Chinese characters and bamboo plants. “The characters are good fortune. The bamboo is good luck and also good fortune,” Choi said.


According to travelchinaguide.com, people born in the Year of the Horse are flamboyant, glamorous, clever communicators, active at work, popular, kind and refuse to fail. They also are impatient, stubborn, independent, wasteful and not good with money.

Chinese & Lunar New Year celebrations also include a chicken dish, red envelopes of money (hung bao) for children to feed the dancing lions and dragons, fireworks, decorations and festivals.

Happy New Year!

–Carol Lim

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