Wintry Storm in Southeast

NOAA -Winter Weather in SouthTIA-Winter Wx 002

by Carol Lim

The National Weather Service forecasts light, freezing rain, fog, mist and breezy conditions in Atlanta, Georga where it was 30 degrees earlier today. It’s been sleeting since this morning in Atlanta. The forecast low is 28 degrees tonight for the area. The National Weather Service says a major winter storm will bring heavy snow, ice to the Southeast before moving into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. More than 1 inch of snow is possible for central Georgia and South Carolina through Thursday morning.

Further south, the weather system brought rain, lightning and thunder rumbled through the Tampa Bay area around 4:45 p.m., affecting the evening rush hour traffic. The National Weather Service in Ruskin issued a severe thunderstorm watch for Polk County and other counties as the system pushed across Florida. At Tampa International Airport, flights continued to land and depart. However, travelers flying to Atlanta saw delays and cancellations to Charlotte, North Carolina, Baltimore, Chicago and other cities affected by the snow, ice and winter storm. Dana and Gary planned to fly out of TIA on Thursday morning to return to Columbus, Ohio, but will have to wait until Friday to return home.

TIA-Winter Wx 005TIA-Winter Wx 008

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