Chicago Snow

Chicago Wx (3)Chicago Wx 012Chicago Wx 009
Warning signs of falling ice in downtown Chicago on Friday. A thick layer of ice covers the Chicago River, but barges are breaking it up. Snow and ice blanket Monroe Harbor near the Navy Pier.

A warmup is on the way for Chicago, which hasn’t seen temperatures above 32 degrees since mid-January. “It’s been the worst winter yet,” said a taxi cab driver at Midway Airport last Thursday afternoon. The city remains frozen with snow and ice on the ground from the polar vortexes and artic, cold fronts this year. This weekend, the National Weather Service forecasts a 90 percent chance of more snow on Saturday night with a low temperature of 16 degrees tonight. Sunday will be partly sunny with a high of 25 degrees and low of 18 degrees. On Monday, Washington’s Birthday, there’s an 80 percent chance of snow with a high of 31 degrees.

The NWS forecasts a high of 41 degrees with mostly sunny skies on Tuesday and 39 degrees on Wednesday.

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