Windows Technical Support Phone Scam

Usually we screen phone calls. This afternoon, we answered a call with a Caller ID of a woman we met recently. The phone caller was a man with a heavy foreign accent. He said he’s calling from Windows Technical Support to alert us that someone was trying to “crash our computer.” Hang up immediately. Microsoft Windows Support never calls its customers… and as I’m writing this blog post, everything is running fine on our computer.

On Feb. 5, 2013, ABC News reported this scam of hacking into your computer by calling you on the phone.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the con artist may do any of the following:
1. Ask for remote access to to your computer and then change your settings.
2. Sell or trick you into enrolling or installing a worthless computer security, maintenance, warranty program or malware.
3. Ask for credit card information to bill you for services that are already available on your computer and free.

Any access to your computer and credit card information allows scammers and computer hackers to steal your identity, find out passwords, private and financial information and possibly bill you for computer services you don’t need.

Report the phone number to and file a complaint.

Check credit card statements and bank statements daily and report any fraudulant charges to your credit card company or financial institution immediately. If necessary, contact local law enforcement to file a fraud or identity theft report.

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