South Korea Ferry Capsizes

South Korea Ferry Sinking
Sinking ferry near Jindo, South Korea. Photo from VOA/Reuters

The desperate search for survivors of the Sewol ferry continues off the southwest coast of South Korea with hope that some may still be alive in air pockets of the overturned, sinking ferry. Nearly 300 people are missing after the ferry listed and capsized on Wednesday. The cold, swift currents, darkness and poor weather today are making it difficult for rescuers to reach survivors, NBC News Eunice Yoon reported this morning.

The ferry passengers were mostly students and teachers from Seoul’s Ansan Danwon High School. The ferry left Tuesday and was headed to Jeju, a resort island, “the Hawaii of Korea.” Rescued passengers say they felt the ferry hit something in the water before the ferry started to list, CNN reports. Some passengers, including student Lim Hyung Min, who was rescued, were told to put on life jackets and jump into the cold waters. Others were ordered to remain where they were after the ferry tilted severely to one side. The U.S. Navy ship USS Bonhomme Richard is headed to the scene and has dispatched helicopters to help in the search.

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