Avila Mansion Fire Investigation

Avila mansion fireDarrin Campbell Family

Fire Photo & 911 Call: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office; Google free images

Updated: May 9, 2014

By Carol Lim

After 2 days of investigation, the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed today the 4 people dead in the Avila mansion fire was the Campbell family – Darrin and Kimberly Campbell and their 2 teenage children, Colin and Megan. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Colonel Donna Lusczynski also confirmed that Darrin Campbell shot his wife and two children with a gun he bought last July in Tampa. The HCSO says after shooting his family, Darrin Campbell spread fireworks and gasoline around the house and lit them before shooting himself and taking his own life. Detectives found out Darrin Campbell bought a large amount of fireworks from a fireworks store and gas cans from a home improvement store on Sunday, May 4th and filled the gas cans with gasoline at two local gas stations on Tuesday, May 6th, the day before the fire. Detectives are interviewing friends, family members and co-workers to learn why Campbell murdered his family. Investigators also learned Darrin Campbell recently took a few days off from work. Campbell’s financial records also are being audited.

On Wednesday morning, May 7th, a massive fire gutted and destroyed the leased mansion in Avila, an exclusive, gated community, north of Tampa. The Campbell family was renting the 6,000 square-foot mansion owned by retired tennis player James Blake. Blake was not at his home at the time of the fire.

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