Abducted school girls in Nigeria

A French video shows about 100 of the kidnapped Nigerian girls in Muslim headdresses and the terror group’s leader saying they have converted to Islam. CNN.com reports it’s the first sighting of the girls abducted last month in the northern town of Chibok. On April 14th, a convoy of Islamist militants kidnapped nearly 300 girls as they slept in their dorms at night. Nearly 276 girls are missing. The kidnappers loaded the girls into trucks and drove them into the nearby Sambisa Forest, according to one girl who escaped in an interview with CNN.

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan says he believes the girls are still in the forest. United Nations Special envoy for global information, Gordon Brown, says to search for the kidnapped girls in Niger, Cameroon and Chad for information. Officials think the girls may have been taken out of the country by now.

U.S. and British officials are in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, to look for the girls, plan rescue missions and advise on how to shut down the militant group. No U.S. combat troops have been sent to Nigeria, for now. The search effort also includes China, France and Israel, which plans to send a team of counterterrorism experts.

First Lady Michelle Obama, celebrities and ordinary citizens have joined the movement to find the kidnapped school girls. WFLA-TV reports a rally will be held at the University of Tampa this Friday at 3 p.m.

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