Palestian American Teenager Attack

Tariq Khdeir tells an ABC News reporter he doesn’t understand why he was punished for something he didn’t do. Photo:

Family and friends of Tariq Abu Khdeir are waiting for word of what happens next for the 15-year-old Palestian American teenager from Tampa, Florida. On Sunday, a video that went viral, showed Israeli police officers beating the teenager in Jerusalem. Tariq remains on house arrest in Israel after his parents demanded his release. At a news conference on Monday at the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) office in Temple Terrace, Tariq’s family and friends gathered for a news conference.

The family says Tariq and his parents are visiting relatives in Jerusalem. Tariq’s relatives say the Israeli police punched and beat the teenager while he was observing a protest and was on family property, not causing any trouble that would incite police to attack him. Last week a Palestinian teenager, Tariq’s cousin, was murdered and burned alive, sparking protests in Arab areas of Israel.

Suhad Abu Khdeir, Tariq’s aunt told reporters she will be 100 percent at ease when Tariq returns and can get proper medical care in the United States. The Family say the teenager still experiences headaches from the police attack.

United States officials say they are troubled by the incident and want the beating investigated.

Israeli officials have placed Tariq under house arrest for several days. Israeli police also have arrested suspects in the burning murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Tariq’s father filed a complaint against the Israeli police and met with the Palestian president on Monday.

Tariq’s family in Tampa want three things to happen soon, according to Hassan Shibly, the family’s attorney and chief executive director of CAIR in Florida.

1. Tariq be returned to the United States for proper medical treatment
2. Israeli police officers involved in the beating be brought to justice
3. Peace in the Middle East

Compiled from various news reports

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