Taiwan Plane Crash


Photo: foxnews.com

A twin engine turbo prop plane crashed into a residential building on Wednesday in heavy rain and winds as high as 40-45 mph as Typhoon Matmo passed by Taiwan.  Early news reports say 47-48 people were killed and 11 injured in the crash of Trans Asia Airways Flight GE 222  as it tried to make an emergency landing. The plane had 54 passengers, including 2 French passengers and 4 crew members aboard.  It left Kaohshing in southern Taiwan and tried to land in the Pengha Islands, west of Taiwan in bad weather. Upon impact, the plane caught fire.

There were no casualties on the ground, Taiwan’s transportation minister told reporters. CNN reports one of the black box data recorders was recovered and the cause of the crash is unknown. Investigators will return to the crash site on Thursday.



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