Pop Tarts and Penquins

Pop Tarts and Penguins 2Pop Tarts and Penguins 1

by Janelle McGregor, Tampa Police Department Media Relations

“It takes a village” is more than just a saying you hear around our Robles Park RICH House. It’s community partnership in action. Two local businesses just recently visited the boys and girls during the police safe haven’s summer camp to lend a helping hand around the “House.” Adams and Reese LLC popped in with Pop-Tarts and tons of healthy snacks to replenish the program’s food panty. With over 15 growing kids attending the Rich House’s summer program, these snacks came in handy.

The eight-summer camp is filled with lots of learning, but also fun. Adams and Reese LLC also treated the kids to a day of space exploration at MOSI.

The campers received another opportunity to learn outside the classroom, thanks to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Instead of learning about bears, birds and Babirusas inside the RICH House, the campers came face-to-tusk with a variety of wildlife at the zoo. They took a break to cool down and enjoy their summer safari on several of the park’s rides and water attractions.

For many of the kids, it was their first time visiting our local zoo. This was a learning experience they’ll never forget – thanks to the zoo’s Chief Financial Officer, Elizabeth Hennig, and the entire zoo staff.

If you would like to be part of the Robles Park RICH House “village,” contact Officer Susan Bowers at 813-310-8529.


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