First Day at Hillsborough County Schools


by Carol Lim

The first day of school in Hillsborough County got off to a good start, school district officials said.  This morning, some school buses were running late, but students with bus passes and their parents were not worried.  At this bus stop in the Carrollwood area, the bus arrived 30 minutes late, 10 minutes before classes started at Ben Hill Middle School on Erhlich Road. Students, parents and teachers arrived to see the school with scaffolding outside for brick and mortar work.Traffic was heavy around schools through 9 a.m. Workers also worked on the school’s sign at Ben Hill today.

“Around the district, everything is going great. Lots of children are excited and already learning in their classrooms. Superintendent MaryEllen Elia also is visiting many elementary, middle and high schools today,” said Tanya Arja, Hillsborough County School Disctrict Media Relations spokesperson.

“The projected enrollment is 205,000 students this year, up from 203,000 last year,” Arja said.

The Hillsborough County School District oversees 215 traditional K-8, elementary, middle and high schools, Arja said.

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