Tampa Weather, Heat Wave & Tropics



Photo: NOAA & National Hurricane Center

Partly cloudy skies and 90 degrees at 4 p.m Tuesday at the Courtney Campbell Causeway in the Tampa Bay area.  More hot weather to come.

Steamy,  hot temperatures in the Tampa Bay area and the heat wave continues for most of the United States, from Minnesota, the desert Southwest to Houston and Florida. Partly cloudy skies and very hot today with temperatures feeling like 100 degrees or higher. Meteorologists advise to dress lightly, drink plenty or water when outside and stay indoors or in the shade. Over the next few days, the National Weather Service forecasts high temperatures in the 90’s, low temperatures in the 70’s and sunny for the Tampa Bay area.   Isolated thunderstorms are forecast and 20-30 percent rain chance through the weekend.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami continues to track system #1 in the northern Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico area.  According to the 4 p.m. Thursday advisory, an Air Force hurricane hunter plane to the area indicated the system approaching the Leeward Islands is “poorly defined.”  The NHC forecasts #1 also has a 50-70 percent chance of developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm during the next 2-5 days. The system is moving WNW at 20 mph.  NHC forecasters expect the mountainous areas of Hispaniola and eastern Cuba to limit development, but conditions improve for development by Sunday.  The NHC 4 p.m. advisory says #1 could still form into a tropical depression or tropical storm over the next day or two.

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