Crist, Scott cruise on to November Election


Charlie Crist thanked his supporters in Fort Lauderdale after Tuesday’s Primary.  Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott in Orlando called voters in Tampa on Tuesday. Photos: Crist website & Scott Facebook page

by Carol Lim

Democrat Charlie Crist wants to get it done. Republican incumbent Rick Scott goes back to work.  Both easily won their party’s nomination in the Florida governor’s race in their party’s primaries on Tuesday, August 26th.  Over the next 2 months, Crist and Scott will again battle for votes to win the November 4th election. Runoff races also will be decided in November.

Here is the unofficial vote count from the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections:

The voter turnout was 16.31% with 123,357 votes cast on Tuesday.

Registered Voters: 756,328

In the Republican primary, Scott recevied 88.51% or 45,518 votes to win over challengers Yinka Abosede Adeshina and Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder.

In the Democratic Party primary, Crist received 76.69% or 42,485 votes to win over  or challenger, Nan H. Rich.

Democrat George Sheldon received 67.67% or 34,555 votes to win over challenger Perry E. Thurston.  Sheldon will face Republican and incumbent Pam Bondi in the Attorney General’s race in November.

Democrat Edwin Narain with 41.58% or 4,336 votes won State Representative District 61.

Republican Stacy White with 38.53% or 6,902 votes won County Commissioner District 4.

Republican and incumbent Al Higginbotham faces Democrat Patricia Kemp for County Commissioner District 7 in November.

In the Hillsborough County Circuit Judges races, Barbara Twine Thomas received the most votes, 42.29% or 47,909 votes in the Thirteeneth Judicial Circuit Group 8 race. Carl Hinson with the second most votes, had enough to be in a runoff with Thomas in November.

Michael Scionti wins a seat on the bench in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Group 19 race. Scionti had 64.71% or 70,745 votes.

In the most contested judicial race, Laura Ward won with 51.18% or 56,449 votes over  Karen Stanley, who had 48.82% or 53,852 votes in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Group 20 race.

Robert Bauman with 48.04% or 52,823 votes faces Melissa Polo with 29.51% or 32,450 votes in a runoff in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Group 34 race.

County Court Judge Chris Nash keeps his job in Group 12. Nash received 65.16% or 72,164 votes.

In the school district races, a District 2 runoff between Michelle Popp Shimberg  with 47.17% or 14,201 votes and Sally A. Harris, who received 27.21% or 8,192 votes.

Melissa Snively faces a runoff in District 4 with Terry Kemple.  Snively had 46.82% or 11,476 votes. Kemple came in second with 39.5% or 9,681 votes.

April Griffin and Dipa Shah face a runoff in November for the School District 6 seat. Griffin led with 27% or 30,712 votes.  Shah received 16.31% or 18,554 votes.

For detailed results from Tuesday’s Primary, go to

If you have never registered to vote or to update your voter registeration in Hillsborough County,  go to

The registration deadline to vote in the November 4th Election is October 6, 2014.








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