Americans detained in North Korea


Fowle, Miller and Bae

As Americans celebrate Labor Day,  Kenneth Bae  is doing hard labor, 8 hours a day, six days a week in a camp in North Korea.  Bae is one of three Americans detained in North Korea and asking for help from the United States government.  On Monday,  Matthew Todd Miller,  Jeffery Edward Fowle and Bae spoke out in similar, 5-minute interviews with CNN’s Will Ripley at a hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. Bae, whose health is failing, told CNN that he is serving a 15 year prison sentence. Bae is accused of “hostile acts to bring down the government” and being part of a Christian plot to overthrow the regime.  Bae is  Korean American and a Christian missionary from the state of Washington.

Miller is accused of destroying his tourist visa and seeking asylum.  Fowle, a tourist, is accused of leaving a Bible behind in a hotel, according to CNN.

During the interviews, the three men asked the United States government to send an envoy to help them as it did when 2 Asian-American journalists were jailed for accidently crossing into North Korea in 2009.

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