Pasco County Child Search and Manhunt Ends Well


Adam Matos, wanted by authorities and FDLE Amber Alert

Photos: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

Update 7 a.m., Friday. Sept. 5, 2014

Tristan Ismael Santisteban was found safe and Adam Matos was taken into police custody after both were found early Friday morning at the Floridian Hotel in downtown Tampa.  With the help of the Tampa Police Department, the Tampa Police Swat Team, the FDLE, tips from the community and the media in getting the word out, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters the search ended successfully.  

Matos and the 4-year-old boy were in a hotel room on the 18th floor of the Floridian Hotel,  Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said.  Castor said police were able to lure Matos out of his room with a ruse and they had checked into the hotel around 2:30 a.m. 

Nocco and Castor say Matos was caught by surprise and did not resist arrest.  

“Thank God for a safe outcome….We knew this was going to be a SWAT situation. We knew this person was dangerous….Time was on our side,” said Pasco County Sheriff Nocco.

“Tristan is safe with us and in good spirits,” Tampa Police Chief Castor said.

Pasco County Sheriff Nocco said the investigation continues into the murders of 4 people found yesterday in a field, less than a mile away from the boy’s home in Hudson, Florida.  Nocco said Matos is being charged with aggravated assault, for now from an incident on August 28th.  Nocco said it’s unclear if Matos is the biological father or a father-figure to Tristan.


The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a missing Autistic boy and the child’s father, suspected of abducting the child.  An Amber Alert for 4-year-old Ismael “Tristan” Santisteban and 28-year-old Adam Matos is underway.  Sheriff Chris Nocco announced the manhunt for Matos and the search for Ismael Santisteban after 4 people were found murdered a short distance away from the child’s home in Hudson, Florida.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said a welfare check was made at the home today at 7719 Hatteras Drive.  The boy was not there.  A search later turned up 4 bodies, 2 males and 2 females in a field around 3/4 miles away from the home. Pasco County Sheriff Office detectives  are investigating a homicide at the home and at the site where the bodies were found.

Ismael Santisteban was last seen at his home in Hudson, Florida on August. 28th, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Nocco said Adam Matos is armed and dangerous and could still be in Florida.  Matos reportedly has a criminal history in Pennsylvania.

“He’s just a little boy…has short brown hair…He is autistic. We’re very concerned for his safety,” Sheriff Nocco said at the news conference late Wednesday afternoon.

Ismael Santisteban is described as white, Hispanic, 3 ft 2 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes.

The search continues tonight for Matos and Santisteban.

Nocco warned the public to not approach Matos and to call 911.

The FDLE Amber Alert urges people with information to contact the FDLE Missing Persons hotline or call the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office at 727-847-5878 or 911.


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