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Primary Tuesday 001Absentee Ballot by Mail

Official Absentee Ballots started arriving in the mail on Tuesday in Hillsborough County. If you requested one and it has not arrived in your mail, contact and visit your county’s Supervisor of Elections Office soon.  You can vote at SOE offices now before Early Voting begins on Oct. 23rd. The Nov. 4th Election includes races for Governor, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner, State Representative, County Commissioner, District Appeal and Circuit Judges, School Board, Soil and Water Conservation District Group Members. Voters also will decide Florida Consitutional Amendments, including Amendment 2 about medical marijuana.

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections staff confirmed the November. 4, 2014 General Election will be the last election using the current paper ballot-electronic scanning system.  The move to E-Polling with  I-Pads or tablets will save money in future elections, according to the SOE. Since the 2000 Presidential Election of the “hanging chads” in  Florida,  the state’s elections have flip-flopped, switching back and forth from paper ballots to electronic touch-screen voting and back to the  paper ballot-electronic scanner system, which provides a paper trail. No word yet on how much the change in voting will cost.

Hillsborough County SOE poll worker trainers said Monday that 71 of 347 precincts  in the county use  the new E-polling system to cast votes.  They say the new system for all precincts will start in 2016, if not sooner and eliminates or reduces the number of paid poll worker inspectors in future elections. The SOE staff said the I-Pad, tablet voting also will have a paper backup record.

The Supervisor of Elections training staff also warns against mailings from any voter registration or political groups,  using return addresses that appear official.  These mailings are not from your county’s Supervisor of Elections, Hillsborough County SOE Poll Worker trainers say.

WFLA-TV and Hillsborough County SOE staff reported more than 150, 000 absentee ballots started going out in the mail on Monday, Oct. 6th for voters who requested a vote by mail/absentee ballot for the Nov. 4th election.

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