Google Day at Poynter Institute

Google Day 004Google Day 003

Nicholas Whitaker and Vanessa Schneider talk about what they can take back to Google and how journalists can use Google tools to support their reporting. –Carol Lim

Around 30 news reporters, editors, bloggers,  graphic designers and off-site news staff, including 100 in a Sarasota newsroom, tuned in to the all-day free broadcast of Google Day at Poynter Insitute in St. Petersburg today. Poynter Google Day organizers say almost 1,000 people viewed the free broadcast from all over the world. Google’s Vanessa Schneider and Nicholas Whitaker, Media Outreach leaders at Google Media Tools, led  sessions on  creating detailed Google Maps and maximizing the use of Google Search engines and Google Earth for news and social media. Whitaker also explained how newsrooms or anyone with a news website can broadcast live and connect with their audiences anywhere with their laptop computers and mobile devices through Google Live Hangouts.  Poynter’s Vidisha Priyanka is editing the sessions for people to review in a few days, if you missed Google Day 2014. Check back at

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