Phoebe Jonchuck Funeral


Phoebe Jonchuck was laid to rest today, 6 days after her father allegedly tossed the five year old girl off the Misener-Sunshine Skyway bridge on January 8, 2015.  Family, friends and others gathered at Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida this morning for Phoebe’s funeral service.  Church staff estimate 150-200 people attended Phoebe’s funeral. After the service, Phoebe’s grandmother, Michele Jonchuck spoke with reporters.

Clutching her granddaughter’s photo and favorite doll, Michele Jonchuck spoke warmly about her beloved Phoebe and how she is coping with her son’s actions and this tragedy.

Jon Jonchuck, 25, of Tampa is charged with first degree murder in the death of his young daughter. Above is an excerpt of Michele Jonchuck’s interview with reporters.

The family and their spokesman also thanked the community for their support and remembering Phoebe during this time of loss.

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