Northeast digging out of January 26, 2015 Blizzard



On Wednesday morning, Boston area residents were clearing paths covered by over 2 feet of snow from the massive snow storm, blizzard that hit the Northeast this week. Above, Instagram photos of snow plows clearing the interstate in Hartford, Connecticut and no bread left on grocery store shelves in Boston as residents prepared to stay home and hunker down. The New York City  Metro North train shut down at 11 p.m. ET Monday. Airline flights through NE cities also were canceled or delayed on January 26, 2015 and expected to continue into Tuesday.  Since Monday, more than 8,300 flights were cancelled, CBS News reported. Flights in and out of Boston’s Logan airport also started Wednesday.

On a lighter note, NYC City Mayor Bill DeBlasio said this is the most powerful storm to hit the city and invited people to still visit the Big Apple to experience it on the “David Letterman Show” Monday night.  After the snow storm continued through the NE, New York City experienced less snowfall than was earlier forecast.

On Tuesday morning, the blizzard hammered Boston and Maine, too.  Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in a phone interview on the “Today Show” advised residents, “Stay at home and ride it out.”  Coastal flooding and high surf in the Boston area also was seen this morning.

Many airline travelers affected by canceled flights today in Chicago,  NE and midwest airports also had to find and pay for their own lodging and meals,  according to NBC News’s Tom Costello.  NBC’s John Yang in Portland, Maine reported it was snowing  2 to 4 inches per hour Tuesday,  schools closed and a state of emergency declared in Maine.

If you’re flying to destinations in the snow storm’s path over the next few days, check out, and contact your airline.

Source:, NBC Today Show, CBS News,

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