High Pollen Count in Tampa


Live Oak Tree Pollen 001

Live oak tree pollen season underway in Hillsborough County (Tampa area). Photo taken March 10, 2015—Carol Lim

If you’re here for Spring Break, it’s not looking good for allergy sufferers this week.  As beautiful as the weather is now, pollen counts are high in Florida, especially Orlando, West Palm Beach, Daytona, Jacksonville and in Yuma, Arizona —all ranked worst cities for pollen today, according to http://www.pollen.com.   The main pollens in the air are from oak trees, nettles (annuals and perennials) and Juniper evergreen trees and shrubs in the Tampa Bay area.  Unfortunately, live oak trees are protected in the state of Florida, if you are sensitive to oak pollen.  Live oak trees generally have the longest pollen cycle during March, April and sometimes into May. Allergy doctors recommend staying indoors and seeing them, if you’re miserable or muddling through this pollen.  Pollen forecast is lower on Wednesday, but Thursday through Saturday, the pollen counts in the Tampa Bay area are in the high range.

Best cities today–Bristol, Tennessee, Champaign, Illinois, Concord, New York, Aberdeen, South Dakota and Birmingham, Alabama

Check out the pollen rating in your city, state or zip code on http://www.pollen.com.

Source:  http://www.pollen.com

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