Hillsborough County Beaches – Public Health Advisories Lifted


On Tuesday afternoon,  locals and tourists soaked up the sun at Ben T. Davis Beach and the beaches along the Courtney Campbell Causeway.  However, most people stayed out of the water for swimming. A visitor from Sarasota checks her phone for updates on whether it’s safe to go enter the water near the beach parking lot. Local meteorologists say the nice weather continues with a low chance of showers on Thursday.  The National Weather Service forecasts temperatures will be in the low 80’s with evening temperatures in the mid-60’s as we head toward Easter weekend.

Results from water samples taken Monday, March 30,2015 at Hillsborough County beaches indicate it’s safe to enter the water.  Bahia Beach, Ben T. Davis North, Cypress Point Park North, Davis Island Beach, Picnic Island North and Simmons Park Beach were tested this week by the Florida Department of Health.  All water samples and the average were in the “good” range based on standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

For the past 2 weeks, health advisories were issued at Ben T. Davis Beach, Davis Island Beach, Picnic Island and Simmons Park Beach when unacceptable levels of Enterococci bacteria were found in the beach water at these locations. The bacteria indicates there is fecal contamination in the beach water and at unsafe levels for the public.

Beach water samples, several at each beach, are taken and tested every 2 weeks as part of the Florida Healthy Beach Program to monitor beach water quality for the public.

For results of recent water tests, go to http://www.myfloridahealth.gov.  Click on Environmental Health at the top.  Then click on your County and Beaches.

—Carol Lim


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