White South Carolina Cop Charged with Black Man’s Murder

A bystander’s video of a North Charleston, South Carolina white police officer shooting an unarmed  black man fleeing from the officer has resulted in the swift arrest and murder charge against the officer. Feidin Santana’s cell-phone video shows patrol officer, Michael Slager, 33,  shoot 50-year-old Walter Scott in the back as he was fleeing from the officer. Scott is African American.

The incident happened last Saturday after Scott was pulled over during a traffic stop for a faulty brake light.  The video shows Slager firing 8 times at Scott as he ran away from him.  On the video, Slager reports that Scott grabbed the officer’s taser.

On Tuesday, Slager was arrested and charged with murder after investigators saw it.

On NBC’s Today Show Wednesday morning, Scott’s family said “God had his back” and were grateful for the video that surfaced in seeking justice for Walter ‘Scott’s death.  Since the YouTube video was posted, millions have seen it on television news and elsewhere.

Scott had a history of arrests for failing to make child support payments.

In an exclusive interview, Santana told NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt that Slager and Scott scuffled on the ground and the officer had control of the situation before the shooting began. Santana told Holt he started recording the video when he heard the Taser.

Sources:  NBC News, FOX News, CNN

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