Marco Rubio Enters Presidential Race

Florida television stations broadcast Marco Rubio’s announcement live during their evening newscasts.  Here are highlights from Rubio’s Twitter account.

Florida freshman U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, announced he’s in the race for President in his hometown of Miami, Florida early Monday evening (April 13, 2015). Just after 6 p.m. ET, Rubio made his candidacy official.  Many of his supporters with tickets waited in line to be part of the announcement.  A crowd without tickets also watched it outside on a big screen.  Demonstrators also were nearby.

Rubio posted the event and highlights of his speech on his Twitter account.

“I chose to make the announcement at the Freedom Tower because it is a symbol of our nation’s identity as the land of opportunity.” Rubio said.

“Just yesterday, a leader for yesterday began a campaign for President by promising to take us back to yesterday. But yesterday is over, and we are never going back,” Rubio said.

“Grounded by the lessons of our history, but inspired by the promise of our future, I announce my candidacy for President of the United States of America,” Rubio told supporters, many chanting “Marco! Marco!”

Rubio, Cuban-American, talked about his immigrant Cuban parents,  who came to Miami to achieve the American Dream.   Rubio said they worked in humble jobs as a bartender and maid to provide for their middle-class family.  Rubio distinguished himself as a forward candidate for a new American Century and generation.

Rubio also said others have asked him to wait and step aside in the presidential race. On the Today Show this morning, Rubio told Matt Lauer that he and Jeb Bush, one-time mentor, are still friends.

Rubio, 43, was elected to the West Miami City Commission in 2009 and served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000-2008.  He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010.  Rubio is a graduate of the University of Florida and the University of Miami Law School.

Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, live in West Miami with their 4 children.

—Carol Lim

Source:, Marco Rubio Twitter

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