De Soto National Memorial

Video runs: 2:19

0:12  Marielle Lumang, National Park Service Ranger

1:33  Shannon Wilson, National Park Service Ranger

National Park Week is underway now through April 26th, but you don’t have to travel far to visit one near the Tampa Bay area.  There are 12 national parks and monuments in Florida.  National Park Service rangers say they are gearing up for the summer season and offering free kayaking tours led by rangers and urging the public to make reservations, starting now for the parks they wish to visit.  Both NPS rangers Lumang and Wilson are passionate about America’s natural treasures and have worked at the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge and other national parks.

De Soto National Memorial is located at 8300 De Soto Memorial Highway, Bradenton, Florida 34209.  Phone: 941-792-0458, ext. 105

For more information:  De Soto National Memorial, P.O. Box 15390, Bradenton, Florida 34280. Visit

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