Brandon Woman DUI Arrests and Marijuana Grow House Shut Down

Jennifer Yi Bk _15017003Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a Brandon woman 3 times in a week for driving under the influence.  Jennifer Yi, 31, of Brandon was pulled over and arrested on April 30th, May 1 and May 4-5th and charged with DUI each time.  On April 30th, deputies went to Parsons Avenue and Brand Boulevard West. They found Yi who appeared impaired after parking a silver BMW SUV at that location.  According to the arrest report, Yi’s speech was slurred and had difficulty following simple instructions.  Yi was arrested for DUI. On May 1, a HCSO deputy stopped Yi  around 12:57 p.m. at 1015 Brandon Boulevard East for failing to stay in a single lane while driving a 2007 BMW X 3. This time Yi had difficulty opening her eyes, spoke with a thick tongue and was unstable on her feet, according to the HC criminal report affidavit. After she was read Miranda rights, Yi stated she had taken something at 7 a.m. before driving her son to school.  Yi was arrested for DUI.  On May 4th,  Yi allegedly crashed a different car into a parked Stepp’s Tow truck at 1211 E. Camillia Dr. in Brandon.  According to the HC criminal report affidavit,  a witness observed Yi was in the driver’s seat and showed signs of impairment, slurred speech, unstable on her feet, watery eyes and confused about her surroundings. The crash happened near Yi’s home on the same street. Yi was arrested for DUI with property damage on May 5th.  Before Yi’s DUI arrests, she submitted breathilizer tests with  .000/.000 BrAC results and to a urine test during the third DUI.  It’s unknown if Yi was impaired due to a medication, a medical condition, extreme fatigue, lack of sleep or other factors.

Todd-Lippman-Bk--15017872A narcotics tip from Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay led Hillsborough County Sheriff Office detectives to a marijuana grow house in Lutz today, May 8th.  Detectives contacted Todd Steven Lippman, 47, of Lutz and obtained consent to search 2410 Tangerine Hill.  While there, detectives found a shed at the back of the property with a small second floor converted for the purpose of growing marijuana.  Detectives seized 20 marijuana plants, 18 seedlings, 2 ballasts and two 1,000 watt sodium vapor bulbs with ceiling shields.  Lippman was arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says this is the 12th indoor marijuana grow operation that HCSO has investigated this year.

Sources: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office PIO Melissa Kincheloe

Photos Courtesy: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office



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