National Hurricane Center- Dr. Rick Knabb

Runs: 3:24

0:10  Dr. Rick Knabb, Director of National Hurricane Center

Storm surge weather graphics courtesy: National Hurricane Center PIO Dennis Feltgen  

With hurricane season starting in June, Dr. Rick Knabb of the National Hurricane Center urges everyone to recheck their hurricane preparations.

“Advance preparation is key for family members, businesses. The good thing is that in real time, as our forecasts, warnings, collection of products and evacuation instructions have gotten better, that means the information you’re getting in real time is becoming more reliable, but it’s still based on the fact that if you don’t know exactly were the hurricane is going to go, it still depends on you to plan in advance so you know what to do when the information starts flowing,” said Dr. Knabb at this week’s 29th Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The theme of this year’s conference is “#Rethink Resilience” and provides attendees opportunities to learn from the experts, network to build stronger partnerships and explore new technologies in communications and social media as priorities shift, budgets decrease and as the public expects more of their community’s response to a major storm.

Source: Ann Rowe, PIO- Governor’s Hurricane Conference

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