Friday Foodie – Dining Under $10

Friday Foodie 007

Go Greek under $10 at Pappas Market Café.

It’s Friday Foodie time! Time to explore meals under $10…. Today, a visit to Louis Pappas Market Café, 7877 Gunn Highway in the Citrus Park area of Tampa, Florida. The “Pick-Two” Combo is a healthy choice.  It also includes a soft drink or tea. We picked the Classic Gyro and Café Salad with an unsweetened iced tea. It’s not fast food and everything is deliciously healthy and fresh.  The Café Greek side salad comes without potato salad. The bill without tip is $8.88.

Friday Foodie 010For a limited time only, Starbucks is offering the “Mini Frappacina” which is 25-30 cents less than a tall/regular size frappacino complete with whip cream ($4.25).  We ordered the Mocha mini frappacina which comes in a much smaller cup.  The mini frap with tax is $4.02.  Stick with the tall, regular frappacino for more bang for your coffee bucks.

Another great meal deal is Piccadilly Cafeteria’s $5.99 specials. (Yes,  cafeterias are rare in Florida.) You get an entrée, 2 vegetables and a roll.  The cafeteria selects 2-3 entrees for the $5.99 specials. On Wednesday, we ordered the $5.99 chicken with tomato sauce over broccoli cheese rice, 2 sides and a roll. It was plenty to split into 2 medium sized meals, if you’re watching food portions on your plate and your budget.

A healthy tip —Add a vegetable to each meal, including breakfast. For example, grilled tomato slices with scrambled eggs with/without a slice of microwaved bacon or sausage link.

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