A Taco for a Purpose

Big Deal Dion Taco (2)Taco Bus

“Que is your taco?” There’s a special taco that helps someone  in need at Taco Bus at 2324 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s the “Big Deal Dion” named after Dion Lim, WTSP-TV news anchor.  “She’s a very nice person,” said the Taco Bus manager Thursday afternoon during our visit. The taco is 2 corn tortillas with healthy, nutritious ground turkey filling that includes raisins, olives, capers, almonds and grapes. To spice it up, there’s also green or red chile sauce upon request. The Taco Bus manager also told us there will be a different taco meat filling every month. The taco company will donate 50 cents to $2 for every Dion deal taco sold with any main menu dish to a charity.
“The proceeds go to the Thomas Promise Foundation. Our reporter Bobby Lewis did a story about the charity founded by a little girl who noticed her classmates were going hungry at school. Now they pack hundreds of lunches for kids,” said Lim in an email to us.

Big Deal Dion Photo  SignCustomers also can pose with a Dion Lim sign inside the dining room at the St. Petersburg location. We bought the 2 tacos plate that included the Dion taco and grilled steak taco for  $5.99 without tax.  Fried beans and rice with a soft drink or iced tea is $2.50 extra. Total bill was $9.09 – another “Dining under $10” meal.


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