Iced Mocha Coconut Crème Coffee

Iced Mocha Coconut Creme Coffee


For your next coffee break, here’s a light, refreshing iced coffee to enjoy during the warm weather or anytime.  Total Carbs: approximately 23 grams for 10 ounce drink.


Ingredients per glass:

1/3 cup (4 tablespoons) of diluted brewed Fresh Market Coconut Cream coffee –(6 grams carbohydrates)

1/3 cup cold low fat milk (5 grams carbohydrates)

1 tablespoon chocolate syrup  (12 grams carbohydrates)

3/4  cup of ice cubes

Brew 1 tablespoon ground Coconut Crème coffee and add 2 cups of water for diluted coffee.  (If using a single serve coffee maker, dilute the brewed coffee by mixing 1 part brewed coffee and 1 part water in another glass or container.)

Mix cold milk and chocolate syrup in a glass.  Add ice cubes to fill the glass. Add the coconut crème coffee and stir.  Add more ice, if needed. Serve cold and enjoy!

—Carol Lim



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