Internal Revenue Service Phone Scam

A  phone call from an Internal Revenue Service imposter is making the rounds again in Tampa.  Visit to read more about this Internal Revenue Service phone call scam and how it targets unsuspecting people, in most cases with ethnic last names and senior citizens. The fraudulent robo-call was from “Officer Nicky Johnson of the Internal Revenue Service” and 415-366-6646. IRS says these intimidating callers are “phishing” for your personal and financial information and to report these calls to We got this call from scammer around 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time today.

Beware of identity thieves and watch your credit card charges and bank statements closely, especially after a growing breach in security of federal, military staff and former government employees’s information, WTVT-TV reports.

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3 Responses to Internal Revenue Service Phone Scam

  1. It is annoying to receive this kind of scam call. They, again, use IRS name as their identity to steal our cash. I found some similar report from the exact same number at I suggest everyone to just report their number to FTC and IRS directly after receive their calls. Don’t ever follow their instruction.

  2. bradlara says:

    Yes, they just call me as well. They have changed their number to 619-887-3139.

  3. clim2 says:

    Yes, it’s tax filing season again. Even if the IRS imposter/scammer is threatening to arrest you, ignore these calls and report them to Federal Trade Commission and IRS websites. Thanks for your comment.

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