Quiet Time With God

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This Sunday, guest speaker Mark Gungor’s message was the “Nine BeAttitudes of Marriage.” The sermon is part of a series, “A Match Made in Heaven? Discover God’s Plan and Purpose for Marriage.”  Gungor’s daily “Better Marriage Minute” program is broadcast on over 250 radio stations in the United States. Gungor, a Latino-American, is pastor of Celebration church in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Thousands of couples have attended Gungor’s “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” seminars every year.

Gungor’s message is based on Matthew 5: 1-11 and Jesus’s sermon on the mountain, but with Gungor’s twist on the “Blessed” verses for a successful marriage in Christ.

 Nine Be-Attitudes of Marriage

1. Be Nice.

“Be honest how you feel is terrible advice,” said Pastor Gungor.  He says your feelings do not define you.

“Live by what you believe, not by what you feel. Be committed to your beliefs,” Pastor Gungor said.

2. Be Content. – No matter what your circumstances are.

“Be happy on purpose. Our joy is supposed to come from heaven, not what’s around us. God wants you to be more in love with Him than the stuff.” Pastor Gungor said.

3. Be Connected. – Get some friends.

“Marriage is not designed to be an island. Talk to other couples. Talk it out (problems) with people. Be honest. Be open,” Pastor Gungor advised.

4. Be prepared.

“Life is hard. Anything worth having is hard. We all die. Just relax,” Pastor Gungor said.

“If you’re single, look for someone with character. Sexy has a shelf life.” said Pastor Gungor.

Life and people are predictable and unpredictable in marriage, Pastor Gungor pointed out.

“Just relax. It is what it is. If you’re freaking out, move on,” Pastor Gungor said.

5. Be Pro-Active.

“You will reap what you sow. Get connected to a church. Life doesn’t just happen. At the end of the day, we need to be responsible for ourselves. We can learn God’s principles for a successful life,” Pastor Gungor said.

6. Be Clear.

Pastor Gungor advises women to:

–Ask their husbands for what they (wives) want

–Ask more than once if he’s doing “man stuff.”

“You have to ask God for what you want and ask more than once. Be persistent and keep knocking. Don’t insult God if He has to move, according to your time table,” Pastor Gungor said.

7. Be Doers.

Gungor says “You have to do what God asks of you. Do it and trust Him.”

8. Be patient.

“Marriage is a dance that is perfected over time. Marriage is a race over time,” Pastor Gungor said.

No time is a perfect time to get married.  Pastor Gungor advises everyone to stop thinking when is the perfect time to get married.  The pastor and his wife married when they were 18 years old.

“Marriage is not a sprint, the start of a race. Marriage is a marathon. When you feel you’re going to die during a marathon, keep running,” Pastor Gungor said

9. Be Dead to Self.

“God wants to kill the selfish part in us,” Pastor Gungor said.

“As Christians, God doesn’t want you to get everything you want. Let it go,” Pastor Gungor said.

“If it dies, it will bring new life,” Gungor added.

“God promises you new life and you will climb into the sunshine of His Glory,” Pastor Gungor said.

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