Confederate Flag Removed in South Carolina


Photo:, Google images

The Confederate Flag was taken down permanently this morning at the state capitol in Columbia, South Carolina. It took less than 10 minutes after flying there for 54 years.  Thousands gathered to watch, cheer and record the historic event.

On Thursday, the state’s House of Representatives and Governor Nikki Haley approved the flag’s removal’s in tribute to 9 African-American Christians, including state senator Clementa Pinckney.  All were killed during a Bible Study at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on June 17, 2015. The massacre by a lone white gunman, Dylann Roof, was a racist hate crime, according to Charleston police. Investigators also found a photo of Roof with the Confederate flag.  The horrific shooting ignited a nationwide debate on the Confederate flag, a symbol of southern rebel pride and heritage to supporters. To African Americans and many others, the Confederate flag was a reminder and symbol of hatred, racism and slavery.  Companies, including Walmart, stopped producing and selling the Confederate flags and symbols.

NBC News reports the Confederate flag pole also will be torn down in the future.  A van took the removed flag to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

“I’m thinking of the 9 people,”  said Governor Haley on the Today Show before the flag’s removal.

“No one should drive by the statehouse and feel pain. No one should drive by the statehouse and feel they don’t belong, ” Governor Haley added.

“I think it is a hopeful day for South Carolina,” Governor Haley said.

Sources: National News Media

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