Heat Advisories in South, North Florida


FSU Weather Television tweeted it felt like 111 degrees in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

Photo courtesy: Florida State University Weather Twitter

The heat is on with temperatures soaring into the 90’s in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and north Florida today and Thursday. Most of the deep South are under heat advisories since last week. South and SE Texas got a break today from the mid-upper 90 degree temperatures today and starting to see some relief from the heat wave.

The National Weather Service heat indexes forecast says it will feel like 102 degrees or higher in Tallahassee today, for example. Residents are advised to stay hydrated, seek shade and stay indoors where there is air conditioning.  Tampa Bay area forecasters say local temperatures are forecast to be in the low 90’s and feel like 102 degrees or more outside during parts of the day. More rounds of rain and showers are forecast through the weekend.

The National Weather Service also says most lightning deaths happen during the months of June, July and August.  “When thunder roars, go indoors,” NWS advises.

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