Kasich in the Presidential Race


Photo courtesy: John Kasich Twitter

Ohio Governor John Kasich announced Tuesday, July 21, 2015 that he’s in the 2016 race for President.  Kasich is the 16th Republican to announce his candidacy.

“I’m running for President. Let’s get to work- America-together,” Kasich tweeted yesterday.

CBS News reports Kasich also has a 60 percent approval rating in Ohio, according to a poll in June.  Kasich became Ohio’s 69th governor on January 10, 2011. He’s known for his straightforward, optimistic and common sense approach.  As governor, Kasich focused on “fixing my state,” he said.  Kasich created more jobs and reduced unemployment. He also dealt with an $8 billion dollar budget shortfall with no tax increases, cutting wasteful spending and streamlining Ohio state government.

His first public office was as a Democrat in the Ohio Senate and later became a Republican.

As a Republican, Kasich served in Congress for 18 years.  Kasich chaired the House Budget Committee and during that time, he worked to balance the federal budget and on historic welfare reform.

He left Congress in 2000 and ran for President, losing to George W. Bush.  After that, Kasich became a managing director in Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers.

Kasich was a FOX News Commentator.  He wrote three New York Times best-selling books and is a Presidential Fellow at Ohio State University.  Kasich graduated in 1974 from Ohio State University.

Kasich is 63 years old and married to wife, Karen. The couple have twin daughters.

Sources: CBS News, http://www.governor.ohio.gov


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