Taiwan’s Best Chefs Visit Tampa

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On July 27, 2015, CNN Travel reported 40 Taiwanese food dishes we can’t live without. Taiwanese food is growing in popularity in the United States. Recently, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami, the  Tampa Bay Cooks Club, the Art Institute of Tampa and local Taiwanese Americans brought Taiwanese food to Tampa.  It started with an informal invitation to Taiwan’s most prestigious executive chefs from Robert Chen, Asia Trend’s Youth Advisory Board Member and a member of the Hillsborough County Committee on Diversity.  The chefs were on a Florida tour to attend the American Culinary Federation Convention in Orlando.

In Taiwan, the chefs are known as “Kitchen Gods” and each member of the elite team of chefs owns a large restaurant in Taiwan that can accommodate 1,200 – 5,000 customers.

The chefs came to Tampa for a brief visit on July 31,2015 and taught gourmet Taiwanese cooking to 50 people who came out on a rainy, stormy night.

“We thank the chefs for quenching our thirst for food from our homeland,” said Caroline Wei-Berk, a Tampa attorney who also emceed and translated for the visiting Taiwanese chefs.

Here’s more on what’s cooking in the kitchen and Betty Hsiao, Tapei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami

During the cultural exchange of food, a local organics farm also shared its harvest at the cooking and tasting event.

Pamela Sindlinger, Gateway Organic Farm

“We hope to build a bridge between Tampa and Taiwan’s food,” said Chen.

The Taiwanese chefs also invited everyone to visit their beautiful country to experience its people and flavors.

For more on the Taiwanese chefs visit, go to http://www.asiatrend.org for more photos, videos and article by Caroline Wei-Berk  or click on video above.

Video runs: 4:02

1:02  Caroline Wei-Berk, Emcee & Translator

2:13 Carol Lim

2:27 Robert Chen, Event Organizer

3:01 Tara Valle, Tampa Bay Cooks Club

3:12  Betty Figueroa, Tampa Bay Cooks Club

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