Tianjin, China Explosions


Hundreds and many wearing masks seek refuge after 2 explosions rocked Tianjin’s port district on Wednesday, August 12, 2015.

Photos Courtesy: BBC News, South China Morning Post, Associated Press, maritimefirstnewspaper.com

Updated Aug. 18, 2015, 4:15 p.m. ET

Chinese officials raised the death toll to 114 people killed, 70 missing, mostly firefighters and nearly 700 still hospitalized in Tianjin, China, according to BBC News. Chinese officials also detained the top executives of the warehouse where the massive explosions occurred in the city’s port district on Wednesday night, August 12th, CNN reports. At least 6,000 people are homeless or displaced by the double blasts and some 17,000 homes damaged. Displaced and frustrated Chinese residents also are demanding higher compensation and answers from the Communist government and the Tian Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics  Company, which owned the warehouse where the toxic chemicals were stored and exploded, CNN reports.  Various news reports also say the chemicals were stored too close to residential areas. Rain also fell in Tianjin on Tuesday, the first time since the explosions nearly a week ago, according to Shangheist. com.

A survivor was pulled out of the rubble within the 3 kilometer no-man zone on Friday, the South China Morning Post reported on Saturday. Investigators traced the explosions to a warehouse that stored a large amount of toxic chemicals in the New Binhai port district. Officials estimated the blasts amounted to 20 tons of TNT.  Pictures and drone video posted online shows shattered, blown-out windows in nearby buildings, cars charred by fire and people wearing masks to protect themselves from the polluted air and smoke from the explosions and car fires.

Posted Aug. 13, 2015

BBC News reports at least 50 people dead and more than 700 people injured from  massive explosions at a warehouse that stored toxic chemicals in the coastal port city of Tianjin, China.   Tianjin is about a half hour train ride from Beijing in northeast China, according to CNN.com.  The blasts were so strong that windows were blown out in buildings. An air of smoke hangs in the air today from photos, amateur videos and drone video posted on numerous news sources online.

Several hundred Fortune 500 companies have used Tianjin’s world class shipping and logistics facilities in the industrial section called New Binhai.  Motorola and Airbus also have offices there.

The explosions happened around midnight on Wednesday when most workers were not there and outside the urban district in Tianjin, according to CNN.com


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