Asia Trend Magazine Goes Green

Asia Trend Sept. 2015 002

After 10 years in print, the popular Asia Trend magazine at Florida’s Asian grocery stores, restaurants and universities will no longer be in the free magazine racks. Shally Wong, one of Asia Trend’s founders, says AT is going green with a new website that’s up and running now. Loyal readers expected it to happen in the changing climate of news when you need it and the higher costs of printing news and advertisements.

“After 120 issues of printing, we have decided to expand the readership to the next level with a wider audience. Asia Trend will go completely digital-only online and publish weekly updates instead of monthly starting this September 2015,” the AT staff wrote in its last print publication.

Since it was founded in 2005, Wong, C.K. Lau, Ricky Ly, Teri Mitchell and countless volunteers helped publish and deliver the print magazine every month to news racks.

For us, the monthly print magazine will be greatly missed and is one less media voice for many Asians and Asian Americans in Florida.  The new AT website will continue to focus on Asian culture, history, arts, lifestyle, Asian community events and emerging trends in the U.S., China, Japan, Philippines, India and other countries in Asia and the South Pacific.

Asia Trend is published in English to bridge the language and cultural gap between immigrant Asians and its English-speaking readers.

Asia Trend will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the 6th Annual Asian Cultural Expo on October 17, 2015 with a festival and Dragon Boat Races on Turkey Lake at Bill Frederick Park, 3401 S. Hiawassee Road in Orlando, Florida.  Sponsors and vendors are needed to help host the event.

For more on Asia Trend, visit

—Carol Lim

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