1905 Day at Columbia Restaurants


The Columbia Restaurant in Florida rolled back its prices today to 1905 prices when it opened its first restaurant in historic Ybor City. This was the wait outside the Columbia Restaurant on Sand Key in Clearwater, Florida, just before it opened at 11 a.m.  The wait was 1.5 hours from outside to being seated to a table, but well worth it.

1905 Day 0181905 Day 020

Our bill for 2 people who ordered every course ran $13.33 plus a generous tip. “1905 Day” menu prices range from 10 cents for an iced tea to $2.95 for Chicken and Yellow Rice, Merzula Russian Style (breaded white fish topped with chopped egg) and Boliche (Cuban Stuffed Pot Roast). Flan was 50 cents. Because of the generous savings today, many customers tipped their servers 50%-100% or more for a wonderful meal and service.

1905 Day 0231905 Day 019

1905 Day 026Our thanks to our server, Jess, Joe Gonzalez and the hard-working staff for making today’s dining at the Columbia Restaurant divine.  The 1905 Day prices are in effect today at  Columbia Restaurant locations in Ybor City-Tampa, Sand Key-Clearwater Beach, Sarasota, Celebration (Orlando area) and St. Augustine, Florida.


Be sure to be in line by 7 p.m. today.  The Columbia Restaurant staff says that’s when the last group of customers can be served at the 1905 prices before closing tonight.

—Carol Lim

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