CDC Website for Healthy People and Pets

 CDC has redesigned its Healthy Pets Healthy People website, with more information about diseases people can catch from pets, farm animals, and wildlife. Users can search alphabetically by animal and learn which diseases a pet or animal carries. The CDC says it’s a “one-stop shop” where people can learn easy ways to protect themselves – and their pets.

 The redesigned website offers:

  • An alphabetized list and description of diseases that can spread from animals to humans.
  • A list of animal species with the description of diseases associated with the animal.
  • Specific groups of people that may be more susceptible to diseases from animals.
  • Tips for preventing illnesses acquired from pets and other animals.
  • Detailed information about the health benefits of owning a pet.

Approximately 75 percent of recently emerging infectious diseases affecting people began as diseases in animals. In recent years, CDC has responded to many illness outbreaks associated with people’s contact with animals. These include Ebola, avian influenza, and salmonella.

CDC is officially launching the redesigned website to coincide with World Animal Day on Oct.  4, a day that celebrates the importance of animals and the bonds that people share with them.

CDC News Release

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